Be among the first to reserve an “” email address

Be among the first to reserve an “” email address

Still looking for a good email address? Our Indian friends are in for a treat because is opening its email service to everyone. Now’s your chance to be among the first to register and get the email address you’ve always wanted! is a new, soon to be launched portal which will feature news and information about anything India, including sports, culture, videos, and education. Now it’s also offering a free email service that gives users unlimited storage space and attachments of up to 20mb.

Aside from “”, users can also pick among other choices such as “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, or “”.

Users can also connect their Twitter and Facebook accounts to get updates straight to their email dashboard, which is pretty cool.

To get started, is actually looking for passionate writers and bloggers who are interested in autos, cricket, education, movies, technology, and gadgets to help bring in content to the site. This might be your chance to join a group of highly qualified, passionate individuals with one goal in mind – to make a difference in the online space in India.

So if you’re feeling patriotic, or you just simply love the country, head over to and register now.

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