India’s Reliance Communications launches “Job Search on Voice”

India’s Reliance Communications launches “Job Search on Voice”

India has been known for being one of the top countries for BPO. As a country that relies heavily on voice and sms using mobile phones, Reliance Communications has launched a value added service ‘Job Search on Voice’ for candidates and recruiters.

Reliance Communications, a leading network provider in India, has launched a service that lets recruiters and job seekers conveniently find career matches over the phone. Using real-time connection, candidates can listen to job announcements while recruiters can listen to profiles of candidates.

“The new mobile platform fulfills the desire of thousands of eager candidates to be able to submit the resumes to recruiters from anywhere, even when they do not have access to internetconnected computers and listen to job profiles and offers.” said Anil Pande, Head of VAS of Reliance.

Job seekers can submit their profiles and browse through jobs from job search websites and the service will send details to interested candidates via text messages. The phone number of the candidate will also be shared with the recruiter. From there, they could then converge and begin the hiring process.

The subscription rates for the service are Rs.30 for 30 days and could be renewed at Rs.20 for 20 days and Rs.10 for 10 days with no additional browsing charges attached. Interested Reliance customers can dial 58010 to subscribe to the service.

As a fast developing country with one of the largest youth populations in the world, this value-added service aims to curb unemployment by providing another avenue for recruiters and job seekers to find a good match. With more than 700 million mobile phone subscribers, this service can actually benefit a huge chunk of the population.

It’s actually very interesting how countries such as India use creative means of improving things by taking advantage of technologies they excel at. A report on Research And Markets estimates the revenue from Indian Telecom VAS to exceed of USD 4 Billion by 2015.

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