New Chinese distributor aims for 500 Apple-licensed outlets

New Chinese distributor aims for 500 Apple-licensed outlets

Apple has found a tremendous success in China, the country hosting Apple’s highest grossing stores worldwide. This momentum will only go faster as Digitimes reports that Cybermart International, a major retail chain in China, plans to open 500 new Apple-licensed stores.

Cybermart plans to set up 500 Apple licensed retail shops in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, according to company chairman Steve Chang. The first store will be opened in Tianjin on April 1, 2011.

According to Bloomberg, revenue in mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan in the first quarter quadrupled to $2.6 billion from a year earlier, Cook said during a Jan. 18 earnings call. Furthermore, it is even estimated that those Asian regions will contribute “well over half” of Apple’s total earnings growth in the next two years, according to Morgan Stanley.

This is most certainly a step in the right direction for Apple, and I’m sure our Chinese readers are as excited as we are to get their hands on Apple’s newest devices.

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