South Korea aiming to have 30% of its census done online

South Korea aiming to have 30% of its census done online

South Korea, which we reported last week has the best quality broadband in the world, is making a major push to get its citizens to take the national census online this year.

Each home will receive a unique access code that residents can use to fill out the census at, according to the JoongAng Daily. The government will also conduct door-to-door visits to homes starting on November 1, and its hoping that citizens will take the ten minutes necessary to fill out the online form before then (we’re assuming census takers won’t show up at the door of those homes that have already filled out the online version, but we’re not sure).

The government hopes that up to 30% of respondents (which we assume means % of households) will participate virtually, which if achieved would save the government 16 billion won ($14.3 million). According to the World Bank, South Korea had an estimated population of 48.6 million in 2008, so 30% would be roughly 14.5 million citizens.

One last neat fact: according to the JoongAng Daily,

Students who answer the Internet survey with their parents can even gain school credit for two hours of volunteer work.

Here’s to progress!

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