iPad, HTML5 and Facebook clean up in the freelance market

iPad, HTML5 and Facebook clean up in the freelance market

Going freelance? It appears that programming a Facebook game in HTML5 for the iPad is the perfect storm to make it big. A report from freelance site DoNanza puts some interesting perspective onto the market as a whole. Taking information gleaned from Q2 of 2010, DoNanza has translated it into a world of graphs and charts and quips, oh my.

Sofware development and graphic design seem to lead the market, with a 35% share between them. A surprising runner-up? Writing holds 11% of the DoNanza freelance market.

But what are those developers making? By the numbers, it appears that they’re programming in HTML5, while looking at Flash in the rear-view mirror. While the average Flash project does pay around $100 more, the demand has gone down dramatically as opposed to the near 500% growth increase in demand for HTML5.

The iPad seems to be the platform of choice, smoking both Android and RIM devices in the mobile market. It has shown a 200% increase and nearly twice the demand of Android.

Some other interesting facts, from the report:

Facebook projects account for 3x more than Twitter ones
Location-based services continue to rise, with money being thrown at them
Google Chrome leads the browser war for development, at double the growth of Firefox
HTML, Photoshop, WordPress and Internet marketing all still see sizable growth in demand

Is now the time to quit your day job and go for full-time freelance? It’s possible. As more companies and people look to take their presence online (and quit their own jobs to do so), the market continues to open.

It’s worth noting, of course, that these are results from only one site, and we’re not telling you to hand in your resignation. Don’t sue us if you can’t pay your bills in a couple of months. But, if you happen to be an English writer, an American designer or an Indian programmer, life could be very good for you.

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