Study: top 3 countries in terms of broadband quality are in Asia

Study: top 3 countries in terms of broadband quality are in Asia

In an annual report released today by Cisco and Oxford University that ranks countrywide broadband quality around the world, the top ranked country was South Korea, followed by Hong Kong (which is of course part of China, but the report grouped it with “countries”) and Japan.

These three also feel within 14 countries (though again, really 13 countries and a city) that are already prepared for “Internet applications of tomorrow,” including streaming HD video and high quality video conferencing.

South Korea led the world for the second straight year, and its stats are pretty impressive:

  • Broadband quality in South Korea is ranked the highest and has set a new benchmark for the world
  • Average download throughput is 33.5 Mbps, an increase of 55% from 2009, average upload throughput is 17 Mbps, an increase of 430%, and average latency is 47ms, an improvement of 35% vs. 2009 figure
  • 100% broadband penetration

Hong Kong also had 100% broadband penetration, and Singapore was tied for fifth highest in quality on the worldwide list. Interestingly, none of these Asian countries were listed as having the best mobile broadband – that distinction went to Sweden, Denmark, the USA and Spain.

You can find the entire report in this Cisco press release.

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