Ustream comes to Asia, brings along new iPhone apps.

Ustream comes to Asia, brings along new iPhone apps.

It took some funding, and it took some time, but Ustream has finally come to Asia.

Hot on the heels of the announcement of an investment from SoftBank, Ustream took Monday to announce the details of the launch.  The Ustream company itself will not have majority ownership of the Asian sector.  In fact, that nod goes to TV Bank Corporation, which is a subsidiary effort of SoftBank.

Tomoraka Nakagawa will sit in the CEO chair, and plans to see upwards of $75 million invested into Ustream by 2011.

The company has done its homework, when it comes to the Asian market.  It created a unique experience on the Ustream Asia homepage, and catered entirely to its audience.  In doing so, it garnered over 5 million visits in the month of April.

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