Typepad Now Publishes Activity Streams

Typepad Now Publishes Activity Streams

Typepad, one of the most popular paid blog hosts, as of this weekend has started publishing activity streams, or LifeStreams as some people like to call them.

Definition: Activity Stream is a protocol being developed for syndicating activities taken in from social web applications and services, similar to those in Facebook’s stream or FriendFeed.

The Typepad activity streams are PubSubHubbub-friendly feeds, meaning when you subscribe to a Typepad activity stream it will show up in real time in your Google Reader, FriendFeed, or other feed readers that have PubSubHubbub support.

Some examples of activity streams you may be interested in following:

Or if you’re more interested in following activity streams with less geeky updates and more of a mass market appeal there’s:

The activity streams can be found on all Typepad Profile pages, and include activities that a Typepad user shares; such as Blog posts, favorites, follows, re-posts, comments, image uploads, etc.

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