Sony Quits Selling OLED TVs in Japan

Sony Quits Selling OLED TVs in Japan

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After continued slow sales of OLED TVs in Japan, Sony has decided to give up on sales of them for the foreseeable future.

OLED displays provide more vibrant and accurate colors than other display technologies, but LCDs are much cheaper to produce.

The 11-inch Sony OLED TV has been selling up until now for about $2,200, that is only a little larger screen than an Apple iPad has, but cost 4 times as much as the cheapest iPad.

Sony isn’t giving up on OLED technology all together though, OLED is used in the recent X-series Walkman portable media players as well as other devices. In the future when costs of OLED production go down Sony plans to start selling OLED TVs again, though when that will be has not been determined.

Source: Maximum PC

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