Is Twitter Going to the Dogs?

Is Twitter Going to the Dogs?

Dog's can tweet tooThe Japanese company Index Corp. is working to bring the Bowlingual dog translator to mobile phones. Not only will it translate from dog to human, but it will also tweet the translation allowing your dog to tweet via barking.

Don’t think people will create twitter accounts for their dogs? Web celebs Leo Laporte and Jason Calacanis already have done so. On Twitter you can Follow updates from Leo’s dog Ozzy, and Jason’s dogs Fondue and Taurus. Though it looks like the dogs could use a little assistance tweeting, maybe Bowlingual could help them?

This fun idea originally was a small hardware device that could be placed on a dog’s collar to translate from dog to human languages. The device was launched in 2002 by Takara in Japan, with regional versions later released in South Korea and the USA.

This Summer Index Corp. plans to have the Bowlingual application ready for release starting with the iPhone.

Source: Computerworld

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