MotherApp Takes RSS Feeds, Makes them into Native iPhone Apps

MotherApp Takes RSS Feeds, Makes them into Native iPhone Apps

MotherApp - Joseph YanAnother interesting presentation at this Monday’s Tokyo 2.0 was by Joseph Yan of a startup company called MotherApp.

Joseph gave a quick overview of MotherApp’s software called BlogEngine that takes RSS Feeds and turns them into native apps for iPhone, Android, and other smartphone platforms.

It’s similar to Appliya’s App Builder, in that you don’t have to be a programmer in order to make your content available on iPhone’s App Store.

This service is targeted for bloggers or small to mid-sized businesses that want to make their content available on multiple smartphones without having the worry of coding an app for each mobile OS.

Some of high profile clients were mentioned that use the service include Guy Kawasaki and TedxSilicon Valley. Pricing of the service is Free if you don’t mind Ads on your app, or $99/year without ads.

Joseph Yan’s presentation can be watched below. (Presentation is in english with Japanese translation, apologies  if the video quality isn’t good at times, this was recorded with my N97.)

MotherApp Presents App-ify Your Blog at Tokyo 2.0 February.

MotherApp was established in Hong Kong, but has offices located in Tokyo and Silicon Valley as well.

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