Yahoo Japan President Not Impressed With Google

Yahoo Japan President Not Impressed With Google

Yahoo Japan-Masahiro InoueYahoo Japan’s President, Masahiro Inoue, was recently interviewed by Nikkei Business Magazine resulting in an article entitled, “Google? I Do Not Think They Are Great”.

Akky Akimoto of Asiajin translated some of Masahiro Inoue’s statements from the interview, with the quote below causing quite a stir around the Asian Blogosphere.

“Those Google’s services surprised people are all in gray zone. Advertising on search result was copied from Yahoo!, Street View is kind of peeping, Book Search is violation of copyright law, lots of YouTube traffic are illegally uploaded. You may say that those are cool. But can established company behave like that?”

Unlike other countries Yahoo Japan search is the most popular search engine in Japan, with Google coming in second place. Yahoo Japan Corp. is an affiliate company of Yahoo with the majority of the company owned by Softbank, that is the third largest mobile carrier in Japan. [Source: Crunchbase]

Is Masahiro Inoue just jealous of the attention and success Google’s recent services are achieving? Or is he really blinded by his company’s success in Japan to not see that Google is very rapidly adding compelling services that solve users problems?

Source: Asiajin – “Google is nothing special” Yahoo! Japan President Brags Their Supremecy

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