Tomorrow, 25 Million Chinese Mobile Phones Will Die in India

Tomorrow, 25 Million Chinese Mobile Phones Will Die in India

Phones without IMEI banned.With grief and despair would like to tell you that tomorrow, December 1 2009, 25 million chinese mobile phones would die in India. Department of Telecommunications, India (DoT) has instructed operators to block cellphones without a valid IMEI number.

Subscribers using mobile phones without IMEI number just have two options, either get a new mobile phone with a valid cell IMEI number or visit the outlets set up by the Cellular Operators Association of India to get the number implanted through a software.

What is IMEI Number and Why Block Mobiles without one?

An IMEI is a unique 15-digit code that identifies the handset. Each time a call is made, the telecommunications company uses the IMEI to identify the caller via a universal registry of phones. If a phone lacks an IMEI, the telecommunications company can still route the number to the destination, but it does not know which phone is making the call. And herein lies the problem: the in DoT, India’s Ministry of Communications and I.T. worries that these anonymous phones can be used by terrorists.

You can easily check your IMEI number by entering *#06# key sequence.

Its not only that number of users getting affected by the cell phone blockage by Cellular Operators, but if the subscribers are unaware of this, then cellular companies would face a big slack for the next few days/weeks. Slashing 25 million subscribers in India is a very big number.

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