Yahoo lap dancers: making the wrong move

Yahoo lap dancers: making the wrong move

hack-girls-2-1Yahoo! apologised to clients about a lap dance show organized during The Taiwan Hackday last weekend. Girls wearing nothing but a bra and miniskirt performed in front of male participants on stage. Not exactly the message Yahoo wanted to send out.

Hack Days, where developers race to create web applications in less than 24 hours, draws a lot of Internet engineers to Taipei. Chris Yeh, head of the Yahoo! Developer Network clarified that: “As many folks have rightly pointed out, the “Hack Girls” aspect of our Taiwan Hack Day is not reflective of that spirit or purpose. And it’s certainly not the message we want to send about our values here at Yahoo!. Hack Days are about making everyone feel welcome, including women coders and technologists.”

Source (and picture): digital beat

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