Public Beta Launch of Wetoku

Public Beta Launch of Wetoku

Wetoku's home page

This is great! I wrote about Wetoku a few months ago here:  Web 2.0 Asia :: Wetoku is Interview 2.0.  So for those who don’t know, Wetoku is a website which allows bloggers and other Web 2.0 users to embed interviews into their blogs or other online sites.

Here is David Lee, one of the co-founders of Wetoku, explaining what it’s about:

When I heard about it months ago, my question was would it ever be robust enough for users to record and edit podcasts that had more than two users?

I asked that because the most fun I’d ever had doing podcasts were in the group context.  All of those were done with Joe and Jennifer over at the SeoulPodcast on Skype.  However, at that time, it wasn’t part of what Wetoku could do.  However, I’m patient. Plus, it’s still in development. Their original concept was one I’d not thought of, so why not just wait to see how they’ll implement it.

It looks like they’ve been busy and have gotten the attention of a lot of people like @jolieodell & @marshallk of ReadWriteWeb, @timmyjohnboy of MakeUseOf, Syed Abbas of Tnerd.  All of these folks are listed as private beta testers for Wetoku.

It looks like they’re doing the right thing.  They’re getting the buzz going. They’re getting people who blog to test it.  They’re getting geeks like me to talk about it.

Go, join the public beta, check it out and give them (and Next Web Asia) feedback.

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