KT launches Korean-userinput friendly call and shopping service

KT launches Korean-userinput friendly call and shopping service

Screen shot 2009-10-10 at 11.40.16 AMKT Corp. launched a brand new service allowing VOIP subscribers to make calls by simply typing the name of the establishment – not the telephone number. The service, called Hangullo, which means “in Korean,” should increase user friendliness, so that even Korean granny’s can buy their online goods with ease.

The service will be accompanied with website support, allowing users to access websites by typing in the name of the organization they are looking for in the address line. The company will first apply the service to more than 5,000 government agencies and government-run organizations and expand the service to cover companies and small businesses later on, but for now all large Korean online shopping malls are already integrated, such as Gmarket, Auction, D&Shop and 11bunga.

The whole hassle of typing in the name of an online shop, remembering the URL, finding the category and then selecting the product is too long. Therefore, we think this one step concept is a breakthrough, and highly applicable for foreign companies to imitate. Do elderly in your country purchase online?

For those who want to use this service, you can check out at http://www.hangullo.com (well, as you can guess, it’s in Korean!)

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