South Korean Government goes web 2.0

South Korean Government goes web 2.0

Lee Myung-bak Politics and web 2.0, a good combination? Just recently, Obama’s president-of-US-worthy-campaign was partly driven by perfectly executed Internet strategies, using social media. And I have to say that they did that quite well, not only did Obama related articles dominated Digg during the campaign, the president (representative) was tweeting about daily experiences, something that made Obama the most popular Twitter user during that time. Well, today Obama seems to busy for these things but we can still enjoy Obama’s speeches in his Youtube channel.

Other countries are starting to notice the success of a Youtube strategy. Today, the South Korean government announced an official Government Youtube channel with Lee Myung-bak – the Korean president – addressing the audience with subtitled speeches. Besides the youtube channel, government PR website introduced a Twitter feed, providing information about the developments in South Korea.

It’s reletively unknown that the President of Korea has an official YouTube channel, and has already quietly been uploading 37 videos, all with English subtitles! Perhaps inspired by Obama’s online briefings, this is a remarkable web-savvy strategy, as the president of South Korea seemed to do weekly radio addresses only at first. This all changed with this Youtube strategy, check out the latest video over here.

If that’s not enough, has introduced a official twitter feed, tweeting about news stories, titles of events, and Korean recipes.

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