Twitter bot scans ‘deplorables’ at Trump rallies looking for signs of intelligent life

Twitter bot scans ‘deplorables’ at Trump rallies looking for signs of intelligent life

It’s no secret that Donald Trump draws huge crowds. Within these crowds are doctors, lawyers, fry cooks at your local Wendy’s and, of course, the group Hillary Clinton recently called ‘a basket of deplorables.’ For what it’s worth, Clinton later backtracked and apologized for the statement.

I won’t though; she’s right. A man that breeds fear and paranoia isn’t fit to lead. The crowds that follow this man are… well, let’s just say we’ve seen this before. Twitter bot Every Trump-ette agrees, and artificial intelligence or not, it’s nice to be agreed with on occasion — a rarity when you write on the internet.

The bot scans photos of Trump crowds hoping to find humanity within it. According to its creator, Eric Drass:

I am fascinated and terrified by these baying crowds. Who are these people? How can they not only accept, but openly embrace an ideology of hate?

Each of them is a human being, equipped with the same faculties for intelligence and empathy, yet they are apparently so enamoured with this man that they are blind to the hatred and lies he speaks.

Every Trump-ette analyzes the photos of Trump rally attendees and uses a facial detection algorithm to identify a member of the crowd. Once it does, it zooms in for a better look while playing a unique soundtrack created by Trump’s own words.

The bot will remain active until November 9, the day after the election.

via BoingBoing

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