World’s first AR app for Twitter is a preview of what’s to come

Twitter in augmented reality is exactly as cool as it sounds.

TweetReality brings tweets, search, mentions, profiles and all your favorite features and displays them neatly on a virtual screen that overlays your iPhone or iPad display (sorry Android fans).

Navigating is a bit different, but fairly straightforward and intuitive. You can still retweet, reply, and heart status updates much like you would on the mobile app. And while we wouldn’t call TweetReality a “polished” app just yet, it’s entirely usable and a great start.

While AR is cool no matter where you use it, this is the type of technology that improves as better wearables come out to take advantage of it — whether that’s cool new AR glasses from Apple, or a slimmed down Hololens from Microsoft.

TweetReality is available now. You can take it for a spin by downloading it at Apple’s App Store.