Remente is a feature-rich life coaching app that’ll help you get your crap together

Remente is a feature-rich life coaching app that’ll help you get your crap together

Remente recently released several new features for its personal development app. Until now it’s only been available on iOS and Android, but it’s also launched a web beta for premium users. One of the best digital life coaches available continues to get better.

Among the new features included in the latest update:

  • Me tab: a profile users can browse to more easily track goals across specific days
  • Goal progress: all individual goals can be tracked with a new progress indicator
  • Pin protection: users can now protect the app with a pin
  • Journey mode: allows images to be attached to goals, helping to better personalize ‘the journey’
  • Offline mode: all of the features and courses are now available offline

I used the app for about a month to get a feel for it, and while I wasn’t shocked or amazed at what it could do – it’s a life coach, not a doctor – I was highly impressed by its robust and easy-to-use interface. I’ve deleted about eight other apps since I installed Remente, and now that I’ve used the web beta I can see myself ditching a few others.

Remente is special because it’s a central place for me to put thoughts, set goals, track progress, learn skills, practice mindfulness, and get a clear picture of exactly what’s going on in my world. It’s designed to help cut through the chatter – with notifications you set for yourself – and center you on the very specific task of bettering your life.

Maybe today’s the day you decide it’s time to get your crap together. If so, consider giving Remente a shot, it just might make the challenge a little less daunting.

If you haven’t checked out Remente yet you can download it for free on iOS or Android. The web beta is available for premium subscribers — 1 month costs $9.99, 3 months cost $23.49, and 12 months cost $48.99.

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