Snapchat’s new AR Bitmoji are like the millennial’s take on Roger Rabbit’s world

Snapchat now lets you use its Bitmoji in augmented reality, bringing people’s cartoonish avatars into the real world. It’s basically the millennial version of movies like “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” or “Space Jam.”

Snapchat is arguably the most common way everyday people use augmented reality, especially since the company introduced World Lenses back in April. AR is quickly becoming more mainstream since Apple announced ARKit (and Google, ARCore), but for most people, it just means using a goofy lens on Snapchat.

That’s okay, and the new 3D Bitmoji are plenty goofy. You can ‘place’ them on virtually any surface showing up on your rear-facing camera, and watch them perform cute animations like precariously riding a skateboard or an unsuccessful attempt at yoga. You can even kind of ‘direct’ the scene by moving around the Bitmoji and resizing them to your liking.

3D Bitmoji are rolling out to everyone starting today – assuming you’ve already created your own Bitmoji and linked it to Snapchat.