Netflix is bleeding millions because you’re too cheap to get your own account

According to an online poll conducted by Reuters this week, 12-percent of people who stream video content do so from someone else’s account — and that could be taking its toll on Netflix’s revenue.

The report says that 12-percent of adults admit to logging into a streaming service — Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, etc — using someone else’s credentials. The number rises to 21-percent for people aged 18-24.

Quartz uses that figure, the number of households which say they have Netflix (54-percent of American adults), and the price of a Netflix subscription to estimate that Netflix could be missing out on almost $400 million in revenue.

So what does that mean for those services? Reuters suggests password sharing could be responsible for a slow-down in Netflix’s revenue growth — analysts expect a drop from 31-percent to 19-percent by next year.

An analyst quoted by Reuters says Netflix could lose up to $519 million in revenue by 2019 to the same cause. If revenue drops any more, Netflix might have to crack down on password sharing.

> If it cracked down on password sharing, Netflix could probably make $400 million more a year Quartz