Yam is an video Q&A app that boasts some famous names

Yam is an video Q&A app that boasts some famous names

Looking for a way to share your thoughts and expertise while getting paid? Yam is a brand new video Q&A app that lets you do just that.

The idea for Yam came after the founder, Michael Cho, was involved in a near-fatal plane accident while working in South Korea. After retelling the incident on Reddit, Cho realized that some stories are best told over video rather than in text.

Already, Yam’s attracted some famous names. There’s the baritone-voiced Tay Zonday, of Chocolate Rain fame. Perhaps the most well-known user is Cesar ‘The Dog Whisperer’ Millan.

Contributors are rewarded for their time, and they can set their own price. This makes a lot of sense. I imagine that while some people would be happy with a few cents, there are public figures would probably prefer a bit more scratch for their time.

There’s also a self-publishing option, which allows contributors to create video replies to questions before they’re even asked.

There’s another twist to YAM. To watch a video reply, users have to pay $0.05. According to Cho, this is split evenly between the person who asked the question, and the person who answered it. Before you pony up, you can watch the first half of the video, in order to avoid buyers remorse.

You can download Yam from the iOS app store. It’s worth pointing out that Yam isn’t the only video Q&A app on the block. Justin Kan, the founder of Justin.tv, Twitch and a slew of other startups, launched Whale last month, which works on a similar basis.

Yam on App Store

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