Riffjam for iOS turns your video messages into sweet Auto-tuned grooves

Riffjam for iOS turns your video messages into sweet Auto-tuned grooves

Want to take your video messaging to the next level? Sure, you can slap on a filter or some stickers like a commoner – or you can turn it up to 11 with Riffjam.

This inventive iOS app, from the makers of the AI-based soundtrack generator Jukedeck, takes a short video clip and adds an Auto-tune audio filter to your voice; it then adds music and creates a sweet looping track that you can groove to.

Once you’ve recorded a short clip (Riffjam allows you up to 10 seconds, but I found that a couple of seconds’ worth works best), just choose from a range of audio filters and let the app do the rest. You can then send your creation to another Riffjam user, save it to your camera roll or share it via social networks.

Here’s mine (Please ignore my dishevelled mug and my poor attempt at bedroom eyes):

The app still needs a bit of work: You can’t browse others’ Riffjams or tweak your footage in any way. But it’s still plenty fun to play with.

Jukedeck’s Ed Rex told TNW that the company has filed a patent for their novel algorithm, which tackles tricky challenges like handling video of any length up to 10 seconds, enabling seamless looping and generating listenable melodies and rhythms from unpredictable speech input.

Sound like your idea of a good time? Give Riffjam a try by grabbing it from the App Store.


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