GitHub Projects introduces collaboration for organizations

GitHub Projects introduces collaboration for organizations
Credit: GitHub

Last month, GitHub introduced project management tools a la Trello, to make it easier for developers to collaborate with contributors. It’s now extending Projects to support entire organizations.

The company notes that organizations and their users can now view all issues and pull requests from any repositories that belong to them on a Kanban-style board interface; they’ll also be able to hide issues and pull requests from users that don’t have permission to view them.

These boards can be set up with columns to represent different phases in your project or issue types (such as ‘bugs’, ‘must-have features’ and ‘interface enhancements’). You can then drag and drop issues and pull requests into these columns and prioritize them as necessary.

That’s good news for all the major companies and teams that invite developers to work with them on open-source projects. At its Universe conference in September, GitHub noted that Microsoft had the highest number of open source contributors on its platform, ahead of Facebook, Docker, Angular and Google.

Introducing Projects for Organizations on GitHub

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