X.ai’s intelligent meeting scheduler is now open to all

X.ai’s intelligent meeting scheduler is now open to all

X.ai has been working for roughly three years to develop the ultimate solution to one of the biggest problems people face in the corporate world: Scheduling meetings. At long last, its intelligent app that automates the process is now available.

The next time you’re discussing an upcoming meeting or call with a contact over email, just CC either of X.ai’s virtual assistants, Amy and Andrew Ingram, and they’ll follow up with your recipient to schedule a time that works for both of you. They plug into your calendar so they know about your availability, and they’ll check in with your contact as many times as needed to lock in a convenient slot.

The service has had a long waiting list for those who wanted to try it out, but it’s now out of beta and is offering a Professional edition for individual customers at $39 per month.

The subscription allows you to have your assistant schedule unlimited meetings, and also unlocks the VIP contacts feature, which lets select contacts schedule meetings with you, without having to write to you first. X.ai also recently added support for Outlook.com and Office 365 calendars, in addition to supporting Google calendars.

It’ll be interesting to see how x.ai fares in the growing virtual assistant space. There are already other apps like it, such as Clara.

However, besides coming in at a lower price point ($39 a month vs. Clara’s $199 for 60 meetings per month), the team behind x.ai says it’s worked hard to ensure nearly 100 percent accuracy in its app’s performance, having spent a year just to write up the extensive guidelines for marking up time from natural language emails.

You can sign up for x.ai’s Professional plan on this page.


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