LinkedIn will let you seek new job opportunities under your boss’s nose

Finding out you’re on the lookout for new opportunities could rub your employer the wrong way. This is why LinkedIn wants to make it easy to notify headhunters you’re interested in taking your career in a new direction without ever alerting your current boss.

Today, LinkedIn has launched its new Open Candidates service that lets you discretely signal to recruiters you’re considering a career switch.

What’s particularly nifty about the feature is that it will protect this information from reaching your current employer, as well as any other third parties associated with your company.

To take advantage of Open Candidates, simply head to the Jobs page and select ‘Preferences’. You will be then prompted to fill in some information about the the types of roles you’re interested in as well as a few other details.

As of now, Open Candidates is available only in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, but LinkedIn says the service will be rolling out globally in the near future.

Check out a quick demo of the new feature in the video section above.

via Engadget

Now you Can Privately Signal to Recruiters You’re Open to New Job Opportunities on LinkedIn Blog

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