This awesome webcam filter turns real life into the Matrix

This awesome webcam filter turns real life into the Matrix

Believe it or not, there’s now an awesome webcam app that makes even Snapchat filters look lame.

Built by developer-turned-designer Josh Beckwith, Temporalis is an interactive webcam filter that turns real life into the Matrix — and it’s so much fun.

All you have to do is pose in front of your camera and start moving; Temporalis will then proceed to slice up your movements and generate cool GIFs like this one:


To record yourself, tap the ‘Record GIF’ button in the top right corner. Once you click the button a second time, Temporalis will automatically save and download the GIF it has generated.

The app requires access to your webcam, so if your operating system or browser doesn’t support that — it probably won’t work. Oh, and just a heads-up: Temporalis could be quite performance-intensive, so don’t be suprized if your mobile device can’t handle it.

Curious how the filter works its magic? Head to this GitHub repository for more details.

Try out Temporalis and plug yourself into the Matrix here.


Temporalis Webcam Filter

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