Grammar Snob for iOS will make your friends hate you

Grammar Snob for iOS will make your friends hate you

If your twitching after the grammatical mistake I just made, this one’s for you.

A $1 pack of stickers for iOS 10 lets you simulate red-pen editing within Messenger. Whether it comes from a teacher or an editor, seeing too much red ink always prompts anxiety, and now irritating people such as yourself can can give that feeling to friends and family.

Appropriately named Grammar Snob, this pack of stickers makes it easier than ever to point out your friend’s terrible grammar. Just drag the appropriate suggestion over their sloppy sentences and they’ll see the corrections in place.

While hilarious in principle, things are a little finnicky in practice. It’s kinda tricky to place the stickers accurately, and you can’t really remove a sticker after placing it. So if you’re correcting grammar, don’t screw it up.

Oh, and if you try this with an Android user they’re just going get a bunch of MMS messages. It’s kind of a mess. Don’t do that.

via Buzzfeed

Grammar Snob on App Store

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