Twitter’s MoPub wants to stop adverts bloating apps

Twitter’s MoPub wants to stop adverts bloating apps

Advertisements are important, but frankly, most, of them suck. The problem’s especially bad on mobile, where the tools used by developers to insert adverts can cause an application to soar in size.

iOS and Android apps both have a 100MB size limit (with some caveats). Advertising libraries can seriously eat into that space. By reducing the size of the advertising libraries, developers can then in turn reduce the size of the app, or make space for other stuff.

Which is what Twitter has done with its MoPub mobile advertising solution. It just announced the MoPub Modular SDK, which allows developers to select only the tools that are relevant to their advertising strategy.

If a developer created a game that they wanted to monetize with banner adverts alone, they would select the banner adverts component, and leave everything else.


Twitter thinks that its new modular structure can result in savings of up to 60 percent of disk space on Android, and 35 percent on iOS. For smartphone users, this is huge, as it means potentially less time spent and data used to download apps.

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