Google+ Material Design update means you might actually want to use it again

Last November, Google+ started trialing a huge redesign that focused on its Collections and Communities features.

That redesign is will now available to everyone by default over the next few days.  You can switch back to the old one, but Google note’s it’s only “for the time being.”

As a recap, the new Google+ features a recursive, Google+ Material Design update means you might actually want to use it againMaterial Design look that keeps the familiar aesthetic no matter what device it’s viewed on. It’s also been simplified to be a bit easier to use.

There are also three big features being announced today to roll out in the coming weeks:

  • You can now add links and photos to your comments, Facebook-style.
  • Community owners and moderators can filter comments more easily by requiring posts to be approved.
  • There’s a new notifications center on the Web to view and manage recent activity.

These features help bring it more to parity with other platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and the new look shaves off some of the intimidating complexity from the old design.

Google says its seen ‘twice as many Collections’ followed and ‘1.6 million daily new Community joins’ since rolling out the redesigns test phase. Perhaps Google+ isn’t dead after all.

Bringing the new Google+ to more people on Danielle Buckley [Google+]

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