This site lets you search for photos by drawing bad pictures – and it’s really fun

This site lets you search for photos by drawing bad pictures – and it’s really fun

While you’d usually have to describe a photo in words to find corresponding images, stock photo service 500px has built a search engine that lets you browse pictures by drawing images – no matter how badly sketched they are.

Currently, Splash works solely for searches within 500px’s marketplace, making its application rather limited. But the feature is actually quite fun to play with.

To initiate a search, simply choose a color and use the brush to paint the image you want to find. Splash will take care of the rest.

500px photo image search 1

At present, the tool provides relatively scant functionality and its interface doesn’t really allow for detailed searches. You only have the option to adjust the size and color of your brush – the rest is up to you.

As you could probably guess, Splash won’t always work perfectly, but Redditors have used the tool with a fair bit of success – and immaturity.

Still, the concept is truly intriguing and I’m eager to see whether it finds more virtuous uses in the future.

Go search for images with Splash here.

via Reddit

Splash Search on 500px

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