Simplenote’s excellent text editor goes open source on all platforms

Simplenote’s excellent text editor goes open source on all platforms
Credit: Simplenote

Four months ago, I tried out Simplenote, a free text editor for Windows and Linux with support for Markdown, as well as syncing across multiple platforms. It was exactly what I needed for all my note-taking needs; I’ve used it to write every story I’ve published here at TNW since March.

Now, Automattic, the developer behind WordPress and Simplenote, has made every version of the app available as open source software. That covers iOS, Android, MacOS, Windows and Linux.

Today’s announcement is good news for people who enjoy Simplenote’s interface, unlimited storage and syncing, easy publishing functionality, but want to customize it further to suit their needs.

You can expect to see some custom versions suitable for programming; the app’s basic features make it easy to work on multiple systems and share your files online. I, for one, would love to see an option to hide the left sidebar and the ability to lock notes so they can’t be accidentally deleted.

You can grab the source code for Simplenote’s apps from Automattic’s GitHub page.

iOS, Android, and macOS Apps Now Open Source on Simplenote

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