Guitar manufacturer Fender gets into the app business with Fender Tune

Guitar manufacturer Fender gets into the app business with Fender Tune

Fender is a company that is virtually synonymous with the guitar, thanks to its Stratocaster and Telecaster lines. Its ‘axes‘ have long been the favored instruments of musical icons like Hank Marvin, Jimi Hendrix, and PJ Harvey.

Now, it’s getting into the app business with Fender Tune. This free iOS-exclusive guitar and bass tuner is the first project out of its nascent digital products division, Fender Digital.

Fender Tune was created to help beginners tune their guitars accurately, and quickly. What makes it different from the literally thousands of guitar tuner apps on the market is that this not only focuses on the tune, but also the tone.

It comes with two different approaches to tuning. The first is an auto-tune mode, where the application guides the player to the right note.


There’s also a manual tuning feature, which emphasizes ear training.


While I haven’t tried it yet, Fender is emphatic about its accuracy. It claims to have developed a proprietary digital signals processing technology that allows it to accurately determine the characteristics of a sound

Helpfully, Fender Tune also comes preloaded with a number of common tunings, and users can create their own and upload them to the cloud. It also comes with a number of guided lessons, which it hopes will help “out of the case” beginners tune up in minutes.

You can download Fender Tune on the App Store right now. Give it a try, and let me know what you think about it in the comments below.


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