This site lists all the Siri commands you’ll ever need

This site lists all the Siri commands you’ll ever need
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If you rock an iPhone and don’t yet use Siri, you’re missing out: the voice-activated assistant can do a LOT of things for you without the hassle of tapping and swiping through a ton of menus. It’s also wicked cool to have your phone respond to the sound of your voice.

Most people know about common tasks that Siri can help out with, such as calling a contact or reading out your last text message. But did you know that it can also show you the traffic near your destination, adjust screen brightness and even dim the lights in your living room?

Hey Siri is a new site that lists nearly 500 commands you can use, as well as more than a thousand variations on them. They’re also neatly categorized to make it easy to find commands you’re interested in learning.

It’s certainly handy for when you want to get more out of your iPhone. And since Siri is coming to MacOS later this year, those commands will be more useful than ever. You can switch between iOS and MacOS in the settings menu; and should you need them, commands are also available in German.

Oh, and if you’re looking for help with voice control for Android, check out OK Google, which features a ton of commands in a Material Design-inspired interface.

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Hey Siri

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