Instagram’s new Stories feature looks suspiciously similiar to Snapchat’s

Instagram’s new Stories feature looks suspiciously similiar to Snapchat’s

Instagram today introduced a new feature called Instagram Stories, which allows you to compile a series of photos and videos into a single, separated stream. It’s pretty obvious where the inspiration came from, down to the ability to draw and slap text and emoji on the images. IG’s not even trying with the name.

To see a Snapchat Instagram Story, you can choose from a top navigation bar which includes your friends or popular Instagram accounts. When the user has added a new photo or video to their Story, a colorful ring will appear around their avatar.


Instagram calls it a solution to “overposting.” You don’t get to Like or Comment or any of the Story posts, just view them. If you must make a comment, you can send an Instagram Direct (remember that?) to the user.

To look at who’s viewed your Story, swipe up to see a list of usernames. Of course, you can adjust your privacy setting to make your Stories visible to just followers, and stories disappear after 24 hours.

Instagram Stories will globally roll out “over the next few weeks” on both iOS and Android. It seems unlikely that this would bring users who’ve flocked to Snapchat back to Instagram, but it might be good for preventing people from leaving to try Snap-style stories that appear less calculated than the average Instagram post.

For now, we’re taking bets on when Instagram introduces facial recognition filters for Stories. Facebook does own MSQRD after all.

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