Yik Yak now has Profiles, but you can still be anonymous (yes, really)

Yik Yak now has Profiles, but you can still be anonymous (yes, really)

Yik Yak is continuing its push beyond anonymity with profiles, which are just like any other profile — but let you be as personal or private as you want to be.

According to Yik Yak, it will auto-generate some content, but lets you manicure your profile as you see fit:

We’ll start you out with some basics (your handle, your yakarma, and a randomly chosen  default image), but let’s be real, you’re way more interesting than that. So go ahead and swap in a new pic might be  your  best funny  face, a sunset silhouette, or  your dog  Frank.  Tell  people  something  special in your bio: are you passionate about extreme sports, the local pizzeria’s most consistent customer, the world’s best procrastinator?  Maybe you even want to add links so people can find and  follow  more  of  your awesome  content. (You  can always  add  more  tidbits later  by going  to the Me tab  to edit  your profile).

Like handles, profiles is another way for Yik Yak to be less shouting into the wind and much more community-based. It’s still very location centric, but profiles helps it distance itself from that as well.

Profiles are rolling out today on iOS and Android.

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