Dropbox’s much-needed new sharing tools make admin work less of a chore

Dropbox is revamping the way teams and businesses work on its platform. It’s introducing a new team folder for making collaboration easier under a new set of ‘AdminX‘ tools.

The main differences with team folders are their new set of granular controls:

First up, Admins can now control folder membership down to to the subfolder level.

4. Set granular permissions

For example, if you have a contractor coming in to help on a specific project,  you don’t have to share you entire company folder or make a separate copy just for them. Instead you can give them access to only the subfolder that they need to complete the project.

Meanwhile, admins can now see all of their collaborative folders in a single ‘team folder manager’ page. That’s particular handy so that admins don’t have to go through every individual folder to manage sharing settings, and instead can get an overall picture of which files are share with whom.

The team folder manager gives you a quick overview of who has access to each shared folder.
The team folder manager gives you a quick overview of who has access to each shared folder.

And last, sync management will finally let admins choose exactly what files will sync onto company computers on a case-by-case basis. No more filling up your drive with a myriad of documents you’ll never need.

5. Manage sync settings at scale

The team folder is starting to roll out gradually starting today, and admins can sign up to try it out with at Dropbox’s Early access site.

If you want more on Dropbox’s admin news, it’s even launched a whole new website just for IT folk. There are a few other updates too, included a redesigned Admin Console, a deeper audit log, and more, so check out the source link below for more.


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