WhatsApp has a hidden Olympics emoji

WhatsApp has a hidden Olympics emoji

The Olympics are about to begin. How does one celebrate the compendium of the greatest feats of human athleticism? With emoji, of course.

WhatsApp has been quietly updated with an Olympics emoji; the emoji is now available in the Web app, as well as the latest versions of WhatsApp on both Android and iOS. However, it’s a lot trickier to access on the latter.

On Android and the Web, you’ll find the emoji under the soccer ball submenu of you emoji list. Keep in mind you need to use WhatsApp’s emoji list, so make sure you click on the emoji icon in the typing field and not the one on your keyboard.

WhatsApp Emoji Olympics

On iOS, your only options are to either copy the emoji from a friend or to copy/type this sequence of symbols:


That will automagically turn into the Olympic rings emoji once you paste it into WhatsApp. Emojipedia has a more detailed explanation of how it all works, so head on over to the source link below for more.

WhatsApp adds Olympic Rings emoji. on EmojiPedia

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