This Pokémon Go app for Android alerts you anytime there’s Pokémon to catch nearby [Update]

This Pokémon Go app for Android alerts you anytime there’s Pokémon to catch nearby [Update]

If you’ve been struggling on your quest to catch ’em all in Pokémon Go, PokeNotify is certain to help you step up your hunting game.

Available for Android, it’s an app for the smash-hit AR game that sends you notifications anytime there are Pokémon in your vicinity, completely eliminating the need to keep the Go app open and drain your phone’s battery.

What makes PokeNotify especially nifty is that it lets you individually select the Pokémon you want to be notified about. This way, you can easily filter out the Pokémon you’ve already caught.

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Additionally, every time you receive a notification, the app will show you where and how much time you have to catch the Pokémon before it disappears.

PokeNotify generates Pokémon locations straight from the official Go app and not from crowdsourced data, which means the information is always accurate and up to date.

While using the app is borderline cheating, you won’t have to worry about getting banned from the game as PokeNotify doesn’t require your Pokémon Go account to log in.

Get PokeNotify here and start getting notifications whenever Pokémon cross your path.

Update July 29 18:30 CEST: Google has taken down PokeNotify from the Play Store… but don’t just go crazy yet – you can still get it.

The developer behind the handy app has created a thread on Reddit explaining his troubles with Google. But more importantly, he has also shared a link where you can download an APK of PokeNotify – click here to get it.

Enjoy the hunt, suckers.

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PokeNotify [Android] on Google Play Store

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