Adobe Lightroom is now available on Apple TV for some reason

Adobe Lightroom is now available on Apple TV for some reason

Adobe Lightroom has arrived for the Apple TV — well, at least some of it is.

Rather than open up a full editing suite (which would be a terrible idea), Lightroom on Apple TV is just a slideshow viewer of your latest images, which sync with Creative Cloud to show your latest edits.

This is a winner for those with big, pixel-dense TVs that have massive images. If you’ve ever wanted to see an image in full detail on a huge screen, you can with Lightroom.


But it also smacks of a ‘why not’ attitude from Adobe. I can’t see many designers wanting to change up their workflow, and Lightroom is probably a bit niche for average consumers.

There are also no new features for Lightroom to make specific use of Apple TV. It says “you’ll be able to share your photos one by one in a slideshow,” but there’s no new functionality to make Lightroom a must-have for slideshows on Apple TV.

But if you’re a heavy Lightroom user with a big 4K TV and enough reason to want to use it for looking at pictures — enjoy.

Announcing Lightroom for Apple TV on Adobe

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