Swiftmoji brings a supercharged predictive emoji keyboard to iOS and Android

Swiftmoji brings a supercharged predictive emoji keyboard to iOS and Android

If you enjoy peppering your IM conversations and notes with emoji, there are already several keyboard apps for your phone that allow you to add them from built-in menus.

The team behind Microsoft-owned SwiftKey has a smarter approach: instead of having you search through a long list of emoji, its new Swiftmoji keyboard app predicts the most appropriate one based on the words you type.

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The prediction bar above the keyboard displays emoji related to your input, so you can quickly add a party hat and cake emoji to a birthday message, or include a heart to go with your ‘hugs and kisses’ texts.

Now, I don’t use emoji a whole lot and I’d certainly never recommend a keyboard that replaced other useful functions with this one.

But Swiftmoji brings almost all the features that I love from SwiftKey along, so you don’t lose out on the ability to quickly enter numbers without switching layouts, move the cursor using the arrow keys and receiving word predictions based on your Gmail, Twitter and Facebook typing history. That makes it easy to switch from whatever keyboard you’re using and to stick with it.

Swiftmoji is available now for free for iOS and Android.

Emoji prediction app SWIFTMOJI launches today on SwiftKey Blog

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