Here’s the perfect launcher for your oversized Android phone

Here’s the perfect launcher for your oversized Android phone

If you’re rocking a large Android phone like the Nexus 6 or the recently-introduced Mi Max that I’m currently reviewing, you’re probably wondering how to make use of all that expansive screen real estate to get the most out of your device.

You can start with your homescreen: who needs massive icons taking up space and reducing the number of apps you can access with a single tap?

That’s where Lens Launcher comes in. It miniaturizes your icons and puts all of them on a single homescreen; you can then use your finger as a magnifying glass to quickly scan through them and find the app you need in a flash.

Lens Launcher makes the most of your oversized Android's large screen
Lens Launcher makes the most of your oversized Android’s large screen

I was skeptical about Lens Launcher when I first heard of it, but it makes a lot of sense to use it on a large phone or tablet. It’s a clever approach to bringing your apps within easy reach and lets you enjoy your wallpaper to boot.

The launcher supports icon packs right from its settings menu, and also lets you hide apps from your homescreen. And if you find it slowing you down, you can reduce the animation time for a snappier experience.

There are a couple of drawbacks: you can’t change icons for individual apps, so if your chosen icon pack doesn’t automatically change every icon, there’s nothing you can do to manually fix it. And of course, you can’t use widgets with Lens Launcher.

Still, there are loads of people for whom these issues aren’t deal breakers. Give the free launcher a go by grabbing it from Google Play.

Lens Launcher on Google Play

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