You can play Pokémon Go without leaving the safety of your home – but you probably shouldn’t

Enjoying Pokémon Go but afraid to wander out into the real world for fear of coming across dead bodies and muggers? Travis D has a solution.

The YouTuber has figured out a way to use an Android emulator called BlueStacks to allow you to not only run the app on your PC, but also to spoof your GPS location so you can actually catch Pokemon without leaving your desk.

Setting it up involves several steps, but PC Gamer noted that the process wasn’t overly difficult and took roughly 20 minutes.

But should you try it? Probably not. Using this method violates Pokémon Go’s terms of service and could get you banned. Plus, you won’t get any exercise whatsoever and you’ll miss out on opportunities to explore your city and meet fellow players. Just skip this and get out there to catch ’em all.

Via PC Gamer

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