This chat app for Pokémon Go is everything we’ve asked for

pokemon go chat

Pokémon Go is a smash hit all around the world, and it hasn’t even been released in most parts of it yet.

Walking down the street it’s not hard to spot the other people playing — they’re probably pointing their phones at random places, trying to catch a few Wombats.

It’s obvious that a ton of people are playing the game, but sadly the app is missing any form of in-app communication. There was no way to discuss game tactics, Pokéstops or taunt Gym leaders… until now.

pokemon gochat screenshot

GoChat gives you two ways to get in touch with your fellow trainers:

  1. Every Pokéstop can now be a pin on the map, that functions as a localized chat. You can only talk to the other players when you’re not too far away from the pin, just like in the game.
  2. It’s possible to send a direct message to any of the users that posted something in the chat — just press and hold a post and tap ‘message’.

With Pokémon Go already taking over Tinder in active users, this might be a good replacement for people looking for a human connection while still catching ’em all.

GoChat on App Store

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