Kim Dotcom is building another Megaupload, this time with encrypted file storage

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Credit: Kim Dotcom / Twitter

Kim Dotcom has had more than his fair share of troubles for running Megaupload, the file hosting service that was taken down by the US government in 2012 over copyright infringement charges. He also launched a follow-up called Mega in 2013 and left it last year after it was taken over by a Chinese firm.

But Dotcom isn’t done with the cloud storage business. In his most recent tweets, he announced that he was developing an all-new service that will likely launch next January.

Dotcom announced his plans for such a service last August. He hasn’t yet revealed a name for his new project, but told TorrentFreak that it will let users sync files across all their devices, won’t place any limits on data transfers and will offer on-the-fly encryption.

It’ll be interesting to see if Dotcom can pull it off amid all his legal battles; he’s currently fighting extradition to the US in New Zealand.

Although I’m intrigued by the idea of a new service fronted by Dotcom, I can’t say I’d be keen to use it. The outspoken entrepreneur seems to attract trouble at every step in his career and it wouldn’t surprise me to see his next project bite the dust or be abandoned shortly after it’s launched. I’m always happy to be proven wrong, though.

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