WhoSampled now shows you how your favorite musicians are connected

WhoSampled now shows you how your favorite musicians are connected
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I often find myself thinking about what would happen if my heroes in music collaborated on a track and how incredible it would be to hear them jam in the same room.

If you’ve ever wondered about that kind of magical meeting of minds, or if your favorite artists are connected somehow, you’ll definitely want to check out WhoSampled’s new toy, called Six Degrees of Music Separation.

Visit this page, enter the names of any two musicians or bands and WhoSampled will show you if they’ve worked together, shared a producer or sampled tracks by the same artists.

You can then listen to the tracks in question and share your discovery on social networks.

I tried it out earlier this week and was surprised to learn that hip-hop legend Kendrick Lamar and grunge superstars Stone Temple Pilots are separated by just three steps: Lamar collaborated with Dr. Dre, who produced the N.W.A. track ‘Apetite for Destruction’, which was sampled in the song ‘Fame’ by STP vocalist Scott Weiland on his solo record.

Mind = blown.

The new feature is certainly fun to play with, and it’s not often that you’ll be able to stump WhoSampled’s mascot, 6-D, with a separation question. The site claims to have already indexed close to 400,000 songs from over 134,000 artists, and its community of 15,000 content contributors add new tracks and info daily.

You can try WhoSampled’s Six Degrees of Music Separation on this page. Let us know what you discover about your favorite musicians in the comments.

Six Degrees of Music Separation on WhoSampled

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