Pokemon Go players keep finding Pokemon in, um, interesting places

Pokemon Go players keep finding Pokemon in, um, interesting places

Pokemon Go was just officially released in Australia and New Zealand and people are already turning their explorations into internet memes.

Just search #PokemonGo on Twitter and you’ll find tons of tweets with Pokemon showing up near toilet seats – which make a lot of sense given that most of us are probably just trying this out while on the john.


It’s a great tag line, to be honest. “When you go, why not Pokemon Go?”

Meanwhile, other players are finding these little pocket monsters in, shall we say, opportunistic places?





Of course, these images could be doctored but expect more of these to surround the internet as Pokemon Go slowly rolls out to the rest of the world. And if you’re like me and are too lazy to walk all over town to find your Pokemons, then don’t be surprised if they keep showing up on the toilet bowl.

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