A System Shock remake is in the works and you can try the demo right now

A System Shock remake is in the works and you can try the demo right now
Credit: Nightdive Studios / Steam

Most fans of 90s games will fondly remember System Shock as one of the seminal releases of its time, blending nuanced storytelling with thrilling horror and action in a richly detailed cyberpunk setting.

Now, Nightdive Studios is set to resurrect the classic title with a remake. The company hopes to raise $900,000 to fund its development, along with all-new graphics, soundtrack, and the return of Terri Brosius as the voice of the evil AI Shodan.

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You can support the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter; it’s already brought in more than $300,000 at the time of writing. $30 nets you a digital copy of the game, while $150 will score you the Big Box Collector’s Edition, which includes a physical disc in a steel DVD case, a miniature figure, Tri-Optimum Crew patch and pin.

Intrigued already? You can try the demo for Windows by grabbing it from Steam, GOG or Humble Store. If it’s finished, the title will become available on PC and Xbox One; a stretch goal of an additional $200,000 will fund ports to MacOS and Linux.

System Shock on Kickstarter

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