Celebrate Quake’s 20th anniversary with an all-new free chapter

20 years ago, Id Software released the groundbreaking first-person-shooter Quake and set the course for the future of 3D gaming.

If you cut your teeth on it in the mid-90s, you’ll be happy to know that MachineGames – the studio behind Wolfenstein: The New Order, as well as The Old Blood – has just released a fresh chapter for the iconic FPS. Oh, and it’s free.

According to PC Gamer, the new episode includes multiple levels with plenty of secrets and a teleporter to discover if you want to play it on Nightmare mode.

Of course, you’ll need a copy of Quake to play this. If you’re ready to get fragging, Steam has it at half off for $2.99/INR 184. Then, download the episode from here, extract the archive to its own subdirectory inside your Quake folder, and run the batch file labeled ‘Dopa’.

Via The Verge

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